Amy Adams Joins Entertainment Weekly’s Next A-list
07 Jun 08

Amy Adams is featured in Entertainment Weekly‘s newest issue with The Rock on the cover. She joins a new generation of stars (James McAvoy, Shia LeBeouf, Ellen Page, etc.) praised by studio execs, producers, and agents to top the Next A-list.

Edit from Mycah: I have added the scans from the magazine. There is not a new photoshoot picture or anything, but it’s still really interesting to see who was chosen as the next top of the crop! Amy, and many of the others, are some of my other very favorites so I’m thrilled they are getting more recognition this way!

Amy Adams
Last Seen In: Charlie Wilson’s War and Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
Career Box Office: $1.1 billion
Asking Price: Over $4 million

There are few actresses that everyone in Hollywood seems to love, but right now Adams is everybody’s sweetheart. “She’s a total star,” says one top talent agent. “She’s really versatile. She can do comedy or drama, studio movie or weird indie. She’s got it all.”

After scoring an Oscar nom two years ago for her charmingly offbeat supporting role in the indie Junebug, Adams has proved the range and depth of her talent, tackling broad comedy (Talladega Nights), upscale drama (Charlie Wilson’s War), and a mainstream family musical (Enchanted). That fairy-tale film, which earned $340 million worldwide, endeared her not just to girls, but to the industry.

“She has the most appealing nature,” says one producer. “If Walt Disney had not created Snow White, Amy Adams would have been that person.” Now she needs to stop sharing the screen with high-wattage stars and focus on becoming one herself.

Back-to-back features with Meryl Streep: Doubt, based on the Broadway play, and Julie & Julia, an adaptation of the best-selling memoir.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


  • Celine

    YAAAY Amy!!!! this is really cool! now this is what i call, finally getting recognized for one’s innate talent!! 🙂 🙂