Saturday Night Live Photoshoot
13 Jun 08

Amy news have been a little quiet as of recent and Mycah and I have been busy moving and working but today I bring you something super fabulous to make up for the slow updates. I came across several unseen outtakes of Amy’s Saturday Night Live photoshoot. This is, undoubtedly, one of my favorites of her ever. So playful and fun – not to mention stunningly beautiful! Enjoy!


• Photoshoots from 2008: Saturday Night Live


  • Annie

    Thanks so much for these Riikka, they’re amaziiiiiiiing 😀

  • mac_prescott

    Great find! Thanks for sharing, Riikka.

  • HarperLee

    AWESOME! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Thank you for this shoot. It is really amazing !

  • Dan(not Lad)

    Lorne Michaels should’ve thrown some of these up. Maybe when he invites her to be the host a second time(which I’m still convinced he will), he’ll do them.

  • !!!!!! *dies* For once I am speechless 😉

  • Jee

    Ahh thank you so much, guys!

    They’re absoluitely beautiful! ♥

  • gorgeous pictures!! i particularly love #025 :happy:

  • Yuan

    OMGosh! Amy looks so stunning there. She takes gorgeous photos.

  • Celine

    hoh my goodness….

    they are all too beautiful…i bet the SNL people had a hard time choosing which ones to put in the show!!! 🙂

  • Thanks for all the sweet comments! I REALLY love the photoshoot too!

  • Catherine

    They’re gorgeous!! thanks so much for adding them :biggrin:

  • Oh yay! These are the cutest. One of my very, very faves :love: :love: