Way Back When…
19 Jun 08

Way back in 1999… Almost a decade ago. Before Enchanted… Before Junebug… Before Catch Me If You Can

Amy Adams had filmed her film debut Drop Dead Gorgeous in Minnesota, where she was working on dinner theater. She made the move to Los Angeles to pursue acting on screen and landed the role of the fabulously evil Kathryn Merteuil in the TV series Manchester Prep. Unfortunately the show never fully took off and was later on released on DVD as Cruel Intentions 2.

I’ve added some very rare shots of Amy making appearances in the year 1999. On top of this, I’ve uploaded some lesser seen yearbook photos of her. Enjoy these vintage treats – I hope they’re new to you like they’re to me!

Happy Midsummer’s Day to everyone who celebrate it!

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  • Great update! Amy is too cute!