2008 Amy Adams Birthday Project Update III
28 Jul 08


The Amy Adams Birthday Project is no longer accepting contributions. I have added all entries now, except for the ones by Taylor, Mike, Sonny, Sydni, Vivian, Randy, Davor, Anne-Laure, Mike and Damian. Mycah will be adding these entries soon. If your name is not listed here and cannot be found on the entries page, chances are it has been lost somewhere in the way so please feel free to re-submit. We will finish the online project this week and then I will start work on the scrapbook.

Once again, thanks so much to everyone who participated. I’m sure that Amy will love it all!


  • Annie

    Hey, I just wanted to ask you if you could put Annie instead of Anne-Laure for my name, it’s just that I like Annie better lol 🙂
    Thanks a lot !!! xx

  • Amy adams I want you to be my girlfriend we can see the Muppets November 23 I think your hot but beauitful I live in 1687 Tammy lane Concord Califorina 94519 and my birthday is in April 21, 1993. Your made of wonderful things but Beautiful things is your eyes, smile polish finger nails and your hair.