Happy 34th Birthday!
20 Aug 08

Happy 34th birthday, Miss Adams!


  • My everdearest sister Amy,

    Hehehe…happy bday!!!!i wish you very happiness!!!!
    Ahm..hope your ok!!!!
    Ahm…I love you!!!!!
    Ehehehehe…..hope you can serve me as your
    Number I fan…..hehehehe…
    I really really like since I watch the movie
    Hehehe…it is very romanric and good!!!!

    Lovingly yours,
    Vernie loyd
    Always remember
    That I’ll pray 4 you

  • Hi…

    Your such a very special person to me…
    Hai…I just leave you a simple comment
    Just to know you that
    “I never did forget you”
    Happy happy birthday!!!
    I love you!!!!!i really really want to see

    Love lots,
    Vernie loyd

  • Lili

    Happy Happy Birthday Amy!
    Hope it is a lovely day!
    You are my favorite actress
    and yes Enchanted had a lot
    to do with it, but I have seen
    the rest of your work, and I must
    say you’re awesome in Junebug
    and Miss Pettigrew!!!! :silly:
    Can’t wait to see the rest of your
    work, especially Doubt! You’re
    always in my prayers keep on
    keeping on!

    Love you,
    Lili!!! :happy: :love:

  • HarperLee

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMY!!! :blush: :happy:

  • Happy birthday Amy!! 34!!
    I hope that you have had an
    awesome 34th!! I have fell in love
    with you and your acting and hope
    that you Keep on being the very best
    at what you do!! you have inspired me
    so much but all i can do is wish you the best
    so have a very happy birthday!! You have
    always been in my prayers!! Loved Enchanted,
    and miss pettigrew!! And i am always quoting
    June Bug scenes! hehe… well i hope you have
    had one of the best 34ths!!!

    love ,
    Mary- Katherine

  • hehehe!!!ahm!!!
    i hope have a happy life…and
    i hope that i can see you in person!!!!
    ahmmm…just keep up the gud work and
    GOD bless!!!!
    you can reply to my email in friendster!!!
    hai…im crazy for you!!!!hehehe

  • Melanie

    Hi Amy !!!
    You are my favourite actress !!! I would LOOOOOOOVE to meet you but i live in France. Will you come in France one day ? It is my dream, and i hope that one day, it will come true =) You are so amazing, Amy. I think that i’m your biggest fan. I don’t know if you will read this, but I hope so much !!! 😀 Will you reply ? I wish 😉