Forum Announcements
14 Nov 08

This week we were hit with a massive spam attack on our forum, Enchanting. Due to these recent events we have placed the forum on a two-week lock. Meaning no new members will be allowed to register. But if you are a member then you may still post.

We understand this may be an inconvenience to some but there was so much spam so fast we feel this is the best way to protect ourselves now that we are sanitized. We will re-open all registration on November 27, 2008. Then your account will need to be screened by admins before we activate it.

If you think you truly can not wait then you may contact us and we’ll look into it. But please be sure before you e-mail us and make us go out of our way for nothing.

We would like to thank the great Meerkat family for being so swift with reporting the spam and our admin team for cleaning! Lastly, we have launched a new theme!