Doubt: Feeling the Oscar Pressure
23 Nov 08

Here’s what Amy had to say about all the buzz surrounding the film at the Doubt Los Angeles premiere:

I am excited that Philip is so excited for the Oscar buzz. I really respect his opinion. If I wasn’t in the film and I didn’t know how good it was, I would go see Doubt based on Philip’s recommendation. I agree that John deserves recognition. I think the script is brilliant. It is a very good adaptation and his direction isn’t too shabby either. And I can’t say enough good things about Viola and Meryl and Philip. They are all tremendous. And if everyone else gets recognized and I didn’t, I would still be thrilled. It is a team mentality. It is mostly the four of us on screen and we got to watch each other work up close and personal. You never go in with expectations of awards, although at this point maybe Meryl could with her 14 nominations, but when I watch the film, I am blown away by their performances. If those accolades come, fantastic. If they don’t, it doesn’t take anything away in my eyes.

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