Regis & Kelly – December 10, 2008
10 Dec 08

Right after GMA, Amy jiffied over to Regis & Kelly to once again do some promotion for Doubt. She changed into a dress and Kelly Ripa seemed to really love it (me too!). At the beginning Amy talks a little about Darren too. Very sweet stuff!


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  • LTCJeffWhite

    This story of their engagement makes me so happy for Amy and Darren.

    How could he have waited so long? He is very fortunate she waited.


    Bully for them!

    Charming, how she calls Regis “Sir.”

    Can’t wait to see this movie.

  • I think the character Sister James wasn’t fit to be a teacher and what’s to teach her students how to learn math or writing a nice girl and got sent to Sister Aloysius Beauvier and Meryl Streep was tough nun.

  • Amy Adams was tough in Doubt as Sister James to sister Aloysius Beauvier is the principal of that Cholic School and it was a broying movie Mrs Miller is very worried what son does at school.