Amy Crossing Fingers For Davis & Streep’s Oscar Nominations
11 Dec 08

Amy Adams tells CNN she became “a little obsessed” with the adaptation of the play to the big screen. She plays Sister James, a nun who expresses her suspicions about Father Flynn’s relationship with the student to Sister Aloysius.

The movie is a departure for Adams, who became famous for sunnier roles in films like Enchanted and Talladega Nights. But she said she doesn’t mind being known as an eternally cheerful actress, because that description reflects “75 percent” of her real persona.

“There’s 25 percent that’s probably dark and grumpy and not personable at all, but I keep her at home,” Adams said.

As for Oscar buzz surrounding her performance, the actress said she’s keeping her fingers crossed for Streep and Davis to be nominated for their roles in Doubt but has no expectations for herself.

“It’s always fun, and I would love to. If it doesn’t happen for me, it’s all right as well,” Adams said. “So, the experience of making the film was my get in this case.”