The View – December 12, 2008 & Doubt Release!
12 Dec 08

Happy Doubt Day! The film arrives into a limited number of cinemas today so if there is one playing the movie near you be sure to go and check out Amy’s Golden Globe nominated performance. Be sure to leave your thoughts with the other fans in the comments or forum!

Today Amy and Meryl Streep stopped by and chatted with the ladies of The View. They were the first guests and spoke for about 15 minutes. Amy didn’t talk a whole lot in comparisons with other interviews but when she did she sounded lovely but when doesn’t she? Meryl was very funny as always and the little Amy imitation was very cute! I have added 400+ captures and the clips may be streamed below in two parts. Happy viewing! Also tonight Charlie Rose airs for me so I will be doing my best to make a clip as always.


• Talk Shows: The View – December 12, 2008


  • LTCJeffWhite

    Amy is so demure and respectful in this shared spot.

    And who knew Meryl was so down to earth, and so decent too? I never really thought about that, so much. Her ideas on the “campaign” are brilliant.

    And Amy was incredibly gutsy in the Oscars! How impossible to sing the “Happy Working Song” with nary a cockroach to assist her!!! I still have no idea how she did that. I bet she’d be a helluva paratrooper.