San Fransisco Chronicle Article
13 Dec 08

From: The San Fransisco Chronicle

“In Julie and Julia and Night at the Museum 2, I play people who are a little more womanly. I’m excited to continue the exploration of being a woman, as opposed to being girly,” she says, although she allows of her Amelia Earhart in Museum: “I think she’s girly. It’s me, I’m girly. I’m only playing with the instrument I have to play with. I’m a girly girl.”

“I think I’m harder on myself than anyone else is – well,” she switches tracks, her voice picking up the perkiness of a daily affirmation. “I’m sure there are some bloggers who dislike me more than I dislike myself, and that is OK.”

When asked if Meryl Streep, who appears with her in Doubt and the forthcoming Julie & Julia, is stalking her: “She was signed on to play Julia Child before I was attached, so technically I’m stalking her, I guess. But that’s not going to surprise anybody reading this. That was a little bit of pressure going into Doubt – if she hates me, then we’ve got another movie, and she’d be like, ‘Oh, her.’ “