2007 Vanity Fair Hollywood Portfolio
04 Feb 09

The Vanity Fair Hollywood issue has been unveiled for 2009. And surprisingly it features new president Obama on the cover. Inside there are stills some extraordinary portraits from some of the Oscar nominated directors and stars and while Doubt is featured, with Meryl Streep and John Patrick Shanley there are not many more of our favorite Hollywood leading ladies and gents. You can view the rest of the portfolio on Vanity I do not know if any more stars are featured; I certainly hope so, but I found no other mentions on their site so we’ll have to see.

Anyways, I got rather nostalgic while looking through the old portfolio and added some gorgeous images of Miss Adams from the two past years of the Hollywood Issue she was shot for. These from 2007, show Amy in a shot with Evan Rachel Wood, Kerry Washington, James McAvoy, Jennifer Hudson, Derek Luke and Jessica Biel. What a picture!

Amy was also featured back last year, on the cover of the Hollywood issue you might recall. What a cover it was too!

• Photoshoots: Vanity Fair #02
• Magazine Scans: Vanity Fair (US) – March 2007


Who says money can’t buy happiness? It had certainly better, especially when a cocktail in this establishment costs upwards of three clams. Torch singer June Holliday (Jennifer Hudson) warms up her pipes with “My Man (Is No Longer Around)” for a roomful of Toluca Lake swells (from left: Jessica Biel, Patrick Wilson, Kerry Washington, Adam Beach, Amy Adams, and Derek Luke), none of whom has a motive in the slaying of Oscar Slade, which is exactly what makes them suspicious. The only one seemingly not enjoying himself this evening is Confidential photographer Sam Brady (James McAvoy), but he revels in misery, which means he’s content in his own way. Is that cigarette girl (Evan Rachel Wood) really a cigarette girl? Are her intentions as dark as those chocolates?

Sam: Or is it that those chocolates are as sweet as the look in your eye?

Cigarette Girl: Sorry, Sam. They’re caramels.