Blackbook Cover & Site Updates
18 Feb 09

First off, Amy actually is the one on the cover of Blackbook! I just posted about the shoot a few days ago and now you can preview the cover. The issue is already on stands so be sure and grab yourself a copy!

Secondly before I get into of the ‘actual’ updates today I wanted to make note that I have went through and spruced up the site’s content a bit. From information, style updates, projects updates and awards to additional link buttons.

Lastly, I’ve gone through all of our affiliate applications and added those pending sites. I’d like to also formally announce that I’m only adding new affiliates about once a month, depending on my schedule. So if your site hasn’t been updated in with the monthly updates you can re-apply because I generally don’t reject unless you don’t follow the few rules. But please don’t constantly re-apply unless you know for sure your site wasn’t added, like I said I’m only adding new affs once a month. 😉 Be sure to check out some of our wonderful new affiliates!

PS: Leno and the AMC special coming up soon!