Sunshine Cleaning Reviews
12 Mar 09

Sunshine Cleaning, due for release this month, is currently getting some really positive reviews. Check out these snippets which are particularly praising Amy’s and her co-star’s performances.

From: EW

That’s the silver lining in this emotionally inconsequential dramedy: Truly lovely performances by Adams and Blunt pierce the thoroughly artificial climate. New Zealand-born director Christine Jeffs and screenwriter Megan Holley were lucky to land these two talents when the film went into production back in 2007, just after Blunt broke through in The Devil Wears Prada but long before Adams’ Oscar-nominated turn in Doubt. As blooming Rose, Adams taps into a delicate vein of warmth and humor that makes her every reaction fresh; we may not understand why this arbitrarily thwarted character has settled for so little, but we cheer for Adams in the role. (The actor makes a showstopper moment out of Rose’s attendance at a shallow classmate’s baby shower.) And wielding the attitude of a not-as-tough-as-she-thinks chick, Blunt complements Adams’ honeyed energy with her own irresistible, more deadpan vigor. She’s a great eye-roller.

From: NY Daily News

But mostly it keeps the movie squarely in left field. Arkin and Zahn keep it toned down, but it’s Adams and Blunt who benefit most from Jeffs’ gentle approach.

Blunt (The Devil Wears Prada), with her twitchy expressions and stiff-limbed walk, is like a less crazy-eyed Zooey Deschanel (which makes her more real), and Adams (Enchanted, Doubt) with her big, sad eyes and un-Hollywood beauty, comes off like a dampened firecracker you’re eager to see light up.

They make these quietly striving women compelling and real.