Talk Show Alerts & Calendar
27 Jul 09

Amy news has been kickin’ the past few weeks and I apologize for once more for ‘disappearing’ on you. I have been really busy moving (and it was kind of a last minute decision and thus no warning) however, we’re settled in now and I do believe there will be no other major leaves of absence for a while. So let’s get started shall we? Here is a list of all the upcoming TV shows Amy is scheduled to be on to promote Julie & Julia! I will of course bring you clips of these right after the show airs in my neck of the woods.

Monday: 7/27 – Los Angeles premiere of Julie & Julia
We 7/29: Amy on David Letterman
Th 7/30: Amy on Good Morning America
Th 7/30: Amy on Regis & Kelly
Mo 8/3: New York premiere of Julie & Julia
Fr 8/7: Amy, Meryl Streep, Nora Ephron on The View


  • Yay, glad to see you’re back and updating – I’ve missed this site 😉