Empire’s Sexiest Movie Stars
20 Oct 09

Amy is on Empire magazine’s Sexiest Movie Stars list at #25. Before Eliza Dushku and after Sienna Miller. View her entry here.

So button-cute that, when Disney needed an actress who could play a cartoon princess come to life, she was the only serious option, Adams is arguably the world’s hottest ginger, ahead of Her From Girls Aloud and, erm, Ginny Weasley.

Most alluring as… Adams doesn’t generally do alluring, but she does cute-as-all-get-out, wholesome, girl-next-door and aw-shucks-ain’t-she-sweet in all manner of films. That said, her ditsy bed-hopping chanteuse in Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day is pretty irresistible.

Interests include… Apparently, she’s been so focused on her career that she hasn’t really had time to develop any hobbies. Goddammit, get this girl some hobbies, people! Even stamp collecting will do!