Amy Adams Is Pregnant!
06 Dec 09

People (the most reliable of tabloids) and US have reported that Amy Adams and fiancé Darren Legallo are expecting their first child together!

The couple, who have been together seven years, met in acting class in 2001 and became engaged in July 2008.

“I probably won’t have a big family,” Adams has said. “I can barely manage my own life! But I do want to have a family.”

We want to extend out most heartfelt of congratulations to the adorable couple! This is wonderful and exciting news, we wish them all the happiness in the world on their growing family!


  • Retschi

    omg soo sweet

  • Katherine Marie

    Amy Adams has given us everything from spectacular entertainment to fun-loving characters, and now there’s a baby on the way! I have to say this woman definitely has a happy future ahead of her.

  • Savannah Schweitzer

    I found out the Amy is Pregnant and I could not be happier. I am looking forward to see the baby.