‘the Fighter’ Release Date & Site Note
18 Jun 10

With the arrival of Amy’s baby girl, Amy news has been terribly slow. However, we do have a little tidbit for you all to enjoy. Apparently Amy’s latest flick the Fighter, will be released November 26, 2010. Make sure you mark your calendars!!

Also, I have started to become unsure on one topic of the site. As you know, we do have candids in our gallery. Normally that would not be an issue, but Amy has stated in the past couple months about the paparazzi hounding her. That leaves me with a dilemma, since to leave the candids up would be not respecting Amy. I have thought about deleting them all except for on set pics, but I wanted to know everyone else’s opinion on the subject. So please leave a comment with what you think on the matter.


  • Alli

    I don’t think you should post candids. I know people get photographed but it’s not fair when they go overboard. I think you shouldn’t post them out of respect for her.

  • mac

    Overtly intrusive candids should never be posted, IMO. Those include photos inside private homes, inside stores, hotels, private vacations, private parking lots, etc. The more public ones (such as walking in the street, walking out of a store, etc) are not too bad and considered fair game. I won’t mind seeing those here.

  • LiLy

    Anything that will make Amy feel more respected! We are fans here, not stalkers! If she does not like candid photos, then I think they should go! We all love to have news from Amy, but lets make sure it is things she wants her fans to know.

  • Maria

    Amy has said she hates paparazzi photos. To post them shows a complete disregard for her wishes. I will no longer visit this site if candids continue to be posted. How can you say you respect her and post photos you know she hates?