New Candid Policy
22 Jun 10

I want to thank everyone who left their opinion on the matter, and I have decided from now on to just post on-set photos. Photos of Amy out and about in daily life, also known as candids, will not be posted. I completely agree with what most of you said, and I am over all pleased with my decision.


  • Maria

    If you’re going to be paparazzi free, that means that you will need to delete ALL candid photos including those that are taken while she’s on the set. Those photos are taken by the same paparazzi scum who follow her into stores. If you do want to keep on the set photos up you might wish to not say paparazzi free.

  • Pearl

    Hi Sweetie heart … I just think you have The Best Site ever!
    I <3 it so much 🙂 Thanks

  • Chelsa

    Thanks for your thoughts Maria, but we will continue to post on-set photos since she is working, we just will not post candids since it is intruding her personal life. On set photos are completely different, even though they are shot by the paps 😉