Site Note : Layout Apology
25 Jul 10

I’ve been getting a lot of comments and emails on this matter, so I thought I should post about it. I honestly didn’t even realize the similarities between Enchanting Amy’s layout and our layout. I am deeply sorry, but I did not copy. You can ask Mycah, she gave me this theme when I adopted the site months ago. It is very unfortunate, and I feel terrible about the error. Lisa, the owner of Enchanting, is a very good friend of mine and I have already apologized to her. I just wanted to extend my apologies to all the viewers, it was just a simple accident. I will be changing the layout as soon as I can get another one made. You can choose to believe me or not, but I am telling the truth. I love Enchanting myself, and would never disrespect that site in any way. Again, I am sorry for my mistake, and I hope you can forgive me.


  • Chelsa, don’t worry about this stupid people. What is the copy, the same photo? Because it’s the only thing both layouts have in common.
    This comments are certainly made by child people, trying to make you down. DO NOT let them put you down. You’re doing a great job here.

  • Emma

    I think you are doing a great job, the layout only shares the same pictures, so it’s not as if you are copying. Don’t let others get you down.

  • I totally agree with Lu and Emma, the only similarity is the pictures and other than that there is no similarity at ALL!!!! You are doing a great job hun and the layout looks perfect, don’t care about what those other people say they are just immature..

  • This layout was made in like January/February of this year. Months before Enchanting Amy’s layout which went online in June according to their site’s archives. This site was taken over in March or so, so it was certainly NOT copied in any shape or form. Chelsa didn’t get around to changing it over because of whatever her reasons were. It’s just a coincidence that their are similarities between the two sites. I’d also like to mention this was an original design not a pre-created theme. Not that it matters much, but it was created to be a unique lay. I hope you didn’t get to much slack for this layout! I’m glad it was used and not went to waste after I spent weeks working on it!

    Great job Chelsa!

  • Elle

    they don’t look alike? I don’t see why you’re apologizing

  • I absolutely love your site hon <33 My favorite Amy site 🙂 Don't let all the stupid people bring you down!

  • Lisa

    Mycah, you did amazing work on this design, and an only similarity that I see is the picture used. I really hope that the layout would stay, because it’s stunning.