Amy Adams makes school a top priority
30 Sep 10

Amy is being honored today by Variety’s “Power of Woman”, as previously reported here. The ceremony will take place in Beverly Hills, today, and Amy is being honored for her work at Ghetto Film School.
For this matter, Variety did a ‘profile article’ with any honorees (besides Amy, Susan Bymel, Jennifer Garner, Eva Mendes, Kate Holmes and Diane Lane will also receive the honor).

Women’s Impact Report: Lifetime Impact Honorees
Who: Amy Adams — who first gained wide attention for her Oscar-nominated turn in “Junebug” and subsequently in such films as “Enchanted,” “Doubt” and “Julie and Julia” — will next star in “The Fighter” (due out in December) opposite Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale. She recently wrapped “On the Road,” playing an emotionally damaged junkie and the wife of Old Bull Lee (Viggo Mortensen).

Why: “I was really interested in getting into the film industry when I was younger but it wasn’t available to me where I lived,” says Adams. “It seemed like this unattainable goal. When I heard these kids’ stories, I so identified with having the desire but not having the funds or access to education.” She adds: “It’s the question I get asked the most: ‘How did you get started?’ For me, I got lucky. So many people don’t know how to get their foot in the door, and that’s why this program really spoke to me.”

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