New ‘The Fighter’ Clip Gets Serious
19 Nov 10

If there are types of movies that get nominated for Oscars on a regular basis, it’s fighting movies and horse racing movies (Million Dollar Baby, Seabiscuit, Rocky, National Velvet, to name a few). David O. Russell’s The Fighter may well be added amongst those Academy Award nominees when it opens on December 10 (we’re certainly counting on it).

The Fighter tells the true-life story of boxer “Irish” Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg), who rose from obscurity to contend for a title with the help of his half-brother and trainer, Dickie Ecklund (Christian Bale), who suffers from crack addiction. In the latest clip, Ward’s girlfriend Charlene (Amy Adams) tries to pry Ward away from the influence of his brother and mother (Melissa Leo).


Waiting for the day I can 'professional fangirl' for a living.