Amy Adams for Mark TBeauty
29 Jan 11

Mark TBeauty, which is known for doing awesome and different visual works with celebrities, published this month a new Amy photoshoot. Lovely pics with Amy wearing long hair and bangs, as you can see in our gallery.

Benefit Bad Gal Mascara “I have long lashes and this mascara makes them full and thick and doesn’t clump.”

Dove Go Fresh Deodorant. “The cucumber is my favorite!”

Cynthia Vincent Knee High Boots. “Most knee high boots make me think ‘naughty’ but these are so versatile and elegant, and maybe just a little bit naughty”

Yon-Ka Serum Repairing Oil Concentrate. “I use this at night and I’ve noticed it helps even out my skin texture, I have extremely dry skin.”

Teutonia Stroller. “I’m a new mom and this is a whole traveling system with car seat and stroller. It is all purpose and so amazing, and it is table height!”

10 Questions with Amy Adams
What beauty trick did you learn from your mom?
To use lipstick as blush.

What drugstore product do you swear by?
Dr. Pepper Lipsmackers!

What products would we find in your teensiest red carpet clutch?
Blotting papers, bobby pins, lip gloss, and a teeny mirror.

What products do you never travel without?
Le Mer Moisturizing Lotion and Rosebud Salve.

What’s your biggest beauty splurge?

Who is your beauty icon from the past?
Grace Kelly and Ann Margaret.

Who is your current beauty icon?
Meryl Streep.

Which of your red carpet beauty looks was your favorite?
The 2007 Academy Awards. I wore this amazing green Proenza Schouler dress and I felt and looked so much like myself. So often I play characters so it is so nice to see pictures where I look like me.

If you could trade hair with anyone, who would it be?
I’ve always wanted to try a short hair style so I’ll say Carey Mulligan.

The one beauty trend you’ll never embrace
Pencil thin eyebrows or faux tans

The one beauty trend you’d like to bring back?


Waiting for the day I can 'professional fangirl' for a living.