Amy Adams, Jason Segel Interview on The Muppets and CinemaCon Recap
01 Apr 11

Transcript: Amy Adams and Jason Segel Interview – The Muppets

Rebecca Murray from Hollywood Movies at Walt Disney Pictures’ 2011 CinemaCon Presentation.

Putting together the 2011 The Muppets movie was a real passion project for Jason Segel (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, How I Met Your Mother), and one of the reasons he was so keen on getting the Muppets back on the big screen had to do with the tone of the past Muppets productions. Segel says their brand of comedy is just “sweet” and that gentle, family-friendly tone has been missing from live-action comedies recently.

During Disney’s presentation at the 2011 CinemaCon, Segel confessed that as a kid Kermit was his Tom Hanks, and the green frog and his vast collection of animal buddies and weird creatures were a huge influence on him comedically. Segel also declared that The Muppets is the thing he’s most proud of in his whole career.

Amy Adams, who co-stars with Segel, revealed there will be four brand new musical numbers in the film all created by Bret McKenzie (Flight of the Conchords). In the film, Segel’s roommate Walter – a brand new Muppet – wants to meet the other Muppets, and that’s what sends Segel’s character off to look for the group.

And for those who know him best from his work in the very R-rated comedy, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Segel promised he will be keeping his clothes on throughout The Muppets. Segel said he’ll be properly attired but the same can’t be said of his co-stars. “Kermit, on the other hand, is always full frontal,” joked Segel on stage at CinemaCon.

After showing off a hilarious viral video and the trailer from The Muppets, Jason Segel and Amy Adams (who had just been announced as the new Lois Lane in the 2012 Superman film) headed backstage to chat some more about the upcoming release from Walt Disney Pictures.
Amy Adams and Jason Segel – The Muppets

Why do we still love the Muppets? It crosses generations and all boundaries.

Amy Adams: “They’re so human. I mean, they have amazing human qualities. They are all these amazing archetypes that we see ourselves in. They always seem to have…they have a great sense of humor.”

Jason Segel: “I think the thing is that the overall theme of The Muppets is to be kind to each.”

Amy Adams: “To come together in friendship.”

Jason Segel: “Yeah. And I think people are naturally drawn to that, even if they don’t recognize it. I think people are drawn to that idea.”

And with this where you are writing something that has to appease existing Muppets fans but also attract a new generation, how tough is that?

Jason Segel: “To me it was just about sticking to the model that Jim Henson created. He took care of that all, so I just tried to follow in the path that he had laid out very humbly, obviously, because he’s the genius of all geniuses.”


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