‘The Muppets’ trailer with ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’!
20 May 11

It seems a “The Muppets” 20 seconds short trailer is on cinemas, and you can see it before “Pirates of the Caribbean”. A link was sent over to me by my friend Colleen with a description of how is the trailer:

The trailer starts out a joke really advertising only Jason Segal and Amy Adams as a lovey couple celebreating their trip to los angels and just when you think the trailer is over and you pass it off as another romantic comedy does Kermit show up…there are not of story spoiling moments in it the the scenes they picked definately give off the good old fashioned muppet vibe….and you guess it full body muppets in some moments ala Gonzo ripping his shirt open Superman Style and even a nod to the original muppet movie. Crazy harry ends the trailer with an explosion and one liner.

A promo poster was also released this week.


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