Muppets Unscripted
21 Nov 11

In this Moviefone interview Miss Piggy, Kermit, Jason Segel and Amy Adams Talk Fashion, Films and Fozzie Bear:


Waiting for the day I can 'professional fangirl' for a living.

  • samantha

    what a line Amy said! Jason is the best leading man and kermit is the best leading frog! ^^ ^^ 😛 😀

  • I know the Muppets are silly and crazy, but if you’re tuning into the deeper message here you’ll see how we all can turn back the horrible trends in our world that have left us all wondering one thing: What has happened to that feeling we had about America from many years ago.

    It’s unity of purpose and teamwork that will once again get us all where we want to be: a place where we’ll feel genuinely loved and needed.

    We are being told by puppets in the media all day about how horrible everything is… this movie is a rare glimpse into the world we could enjoy if we all take up the rope together and pull as one toward a brighter future. Amy Adams had me from ‘Hello” and played the part so perfectly – I had to believe. Her part was the perfect touch to the entire film. She reminded me of a wholesome daughter of America that has rarely been seen in the current age. It made me tear up – just a bit – when the emotion of the final triumph in the movie was masterfully revealed. Bravo!