The next “Muppets” movie won’t have Amy on it
14 Apr 12

Even it was expected, it’s now confirmed: Amy won’t be at the next “The Muppets” movie. Nicholas Stoller told to Collider that he and director James Bobin has started to write the next movie, and Jason Segel may cameo.

Obviously Jason [Segel] has talked about how he’s not going to be in it. Have you guys written the possibility of a cameo for Jason?

Stoller: Right now, yeah, there’s a cameo possibility in it, definitely. Gary and Mary’s story is concluded. There’s not much to say after that for their story, but we follow them up into a…I will say, it is a caper. It is a comedy caper.

I’m not complaining. The Muppets was really a funny movie, but Amy has other possibilities very interesting on the way.


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