‘The Master’ Has A $30 Million Dollar Budget
18 Apr 12

The NY Times today has an article about Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master. Unfortunately, it has some pictures but no Amy one was released.

Here’s four things we learned about Paul Thomas Anderson’s “The Master” that we didn’t already know.

1. The budget was approximately $30 million. For comparison, “There Will Be Blood” was made for $25 million.

2. Formerly known as Freddie Sutton, Joaquin Phoenix’s character is now called Freddie Quell and his character apparently also shares “accidental similarities” with Anderson’s father. “The elder Anderson was a Navy vet who served in the Pacific during World War II, and, like Quell, was born about 90 years ago,” the Times writes.

3. The Church of Scientology aren’t mad at the film…yet. “The Church only knows about the film what it has read in the press…we have not seen the film, so can’t say one way or another,” a spokesperson told the Times.

4. Rumors that the film was inspired by the deaths of married artists Jeremy Blake and Teresa Blake — whose heartbreaking dual suicides are supposed to have some sort of connection to alleged harassment by Scientologists — is flatly denied. “It’s been in his head for years and years and years, probably 12 years,” a friend of PTA’s speaking on condition of anonymity said.

Source: The NY times via The Playlist


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