Amy at Vulture’s 100 Most Valuable Movie Stars
23 Jul 12

Amy is listed at New York Times’ Vulture’s 100 Most Valuable Movie Stars list. To read more about the ranking, you can check this link.
Amy is ranked at #46 at Vulture Rankings, #63 at Studio Favorite, #6 at Most Respectable, #43 at Tabloid Target and #68 at International Stars.

Amy Adams first broke out as a wide-eyed, fast-talking optimist in the 2005 indie breakout Junebug, for which she scored her first of three supporting actress Oscar nominations, and her next big studio role, as a Disney princess come to life in Enchanted, made it seem like she planned to stick to Pollyannish roles with maximum aw-shuckery. And while she has built up a healthy canon of roles willed with naive wonderment (Doubt, The Muppets), she proved in The Fighter that she also has the range to mix it up with a mob of tough townies. Sure, she was the forgettable half of Julie & Julia (who can compete with Meryl Streep?), and Leap Year was a misfire, but the 37-year-old keeps getting good parts.

Her perception as a cheerful, winsome woman helps boost her likability score, but tabloid editors consider the mother of one with the behind-the-scenes boyfriend too dull for much coverage. Expect a return to plucky mode as Lois Lane in Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot, Man of Steel. But she’ll show off her range with two auteurs in Paul Thomas Anderson’s scientology drama The Master and alongside Rooney Mara in Spike Jonze’s upcoming untitled project.

Domestic Box Office: $88,600,000
Overseas Box Office: $35,400,000
Studio Value: 3
Likeability : 75%
Oscars: 3 noms
Critics’ Score: 67
Magazine Covers: 8
Tabloid Value : 5

Thanks to Claudia for the heads up!


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