David O’ Russell talks about “American Hustle”
02 Jul 13

Indiewire has published an interesting interview with David O’ Russell in which he talks about his career, his last works, and of course, American Hustle.

In the case of “American Hustle,” a movie about con artists and FBI agents, I wonder if its release this year will inform the current conversation raging about intelligence efforts post-Edward Snowden.
Oh, that’s interesting — “American Hustle” having an effect on a larger conversation about American intelligence. Thematically, the question of how this is right and when is it right — certainly, you could spend a lot of time trying to do surveillance and sting a lot of people, especially people in the government. To me, the interesting thing is the emotional line for these people, that it’s so personal. I’m interested in the personal lives of these people and how it changed them and the emotional impact it had — which is pretty huge, massive, shattering, life-changing for all these people — in many cases for the better, and in others devastating and not for the better. I don’t know if it will become a part of that larger dialogue. I really want to make indelible characters like we did in “The Fighter.” To me, the larger theme of that is how everybody in American has to survive emotionally and financially. It’s a place of continual reinvention that goes all the way back to the very beginning.

(…)Russell also drummed up hype for Bale’s performance, for which the actor gained weight and donned an unflattering combover to look the part. “The combover’s kind of breathtaking,” Russell said. “When you see these people in the trailer, I think the feeling will be, ‘Oh my god, who are these people? I want to get to know them.'” That was a central theme as Russell discussed his work over the weekend: Characters drive his movies more than plot. “My job is to make you love them in spite of all their sins,” he told Matthews. “I always start out thinking, ‘These people are just despicable,’ but when you get close to them, you can always find out how they’re very human and very lovable.” Read more…


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