Amy Adams: Best of 2013
30 Dec 13

It was quite a year for Amy Adams! With the whole ‘Man of Steel’, ‘American Hustle’ and ‘Her’ promotion, her 4th Oscar nomination for ‘The Master’ and all the acclaim for her performance as Sydney Prosser including another Golden Globe nomination, it’s definitely been quite the year.

To finish our year’s update whilst wishing everyone a very Happy New Year and good luck at keeping to all your new years resolutions, I did a compilation of my favorite 2013 moments. Feel free to shout out with your on selections here on the comments!

Favorite Magazine

Amy covered several magazines this year. From Citizen K to Allure, we had lots of goodies on newstands. My favorite, in particular, was the Harpers Bazaar Spain released in January, when Amy was promoting Man of Steel. Simply gorgeous.

Favorite Photoshoots:

Amy always has the best photo sessions ever. This year wasn’t different. While my favorite is, of course, the one did to Harper’s Bazaar, a mention to the one from Elle UK and the one to Hollywood Reporter’s roundtable needed to be made. Simply gorgeous!

Favorite Event Look:
If there’s someone who can put together perfectly a princess look, this one is Amy Adams. And the Oscar de la Renta dress she wore on the Academy Awards was simply perfect! It was a top note to know that she designed the gown WITH Oscar de la Renta by starting with a vintage photo. Amazing.

Favorite Hairstyle:

Definitely this one, clearly inspired by the whole 70’s ‘American Hustle’ era. I love when Amy’s hair is long and wavy, but this style is simply perfection. The color is also amazing!

Favorite Talk Show Appearance:
Amy always give us great interviews, but the ones she did to promote ‘Man of Steel’, specially those with Henry Cavill, was amazing. My favorite is the Graham Norton Show one, with the ‘Superman’ doll. But the Katie Couric and the Ellen Degeneres ones was also great!

Favorite Movie Promotional
Sorry world, but Amy’s va-va-voom look on American Hustle won all the awards. And to get into that amazing but half naked visual, “she had a trainer and worked out like a fiend. She’s such a chameleon, and was committed two thousand percent — she has no ego. She just wanted to tell the story in a strong, compelling way. And David pushed her to go as far as she could.” – told us costume designer Michael Wilkinson to Hollywood Reporter.

Favorite 2013 Quote

I hope that I can be involved with a woman on screen where we’re not in a love triangle. That would be fun. Maybe where we team up together and we work as teammates instead of adversaries.
Amy Adams on Wonder Woman’s Presence in Batman vs. Superman

Did I miss something in our ‘Best of’ coverage? Any point I didn’t added? Just share with us in the comments.

Have an amazing 2014!


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