‘Lullaby’ Has a Release Date!
15 Apr 14


Finally, Lullaby has a release date! It was announced on the film’s official Twitter that we can see it next June 13th.

A few days ago, USA Today released a few images from the film, with a brief inside of it.

The cast is filled with great actors pulled together by Levitas, including Archer and Downton Abbey’s Findlay. Terrence Howard stars as a sympathetic hospital doctor, and Jennifer Hudson is a scene-stealing nurse.

Meanwhile, Amy Adams managed to make time in her schedule to play Jonathan’s ex-girlfriend.

“People were passionate about this story and believed in what we were saying,” Levitas says. “Amy showed up and did her thing.”

Waiting now for the trailer! You can also ‘like’ the official ‘Lullaby Facebook’ page.


Waiting for the day I can 'professional fangirl' for a living.