Amy Adams Gives First Class Seat to Serviceman
29 Jun 14

Everyone is talking about how amazing Amy Adams is, after she giving her first class seat to a Soldier last week. This is a video aired on Inside Edition, where they got some words of Amy while landing on LAX.

I didn’t do it for attention for myself. I did it for attention for the Troops

She is daughter of an Army officer, Mr. Richard Adams, so if this was something new for mostly people, for us it was just Amy being herself.

I also received over 70 emails from veterans/soldiers/military family members regarding this, but all addresses to Mrs Adams. I’m sure she would appreciate to read them, but as I stated before, we’re just a fansite with no contact to Amy or her management, so I can’t address the emails to her.


Waiting for the day I can 'professional fangirl' for a living.

  • Linda e humilde sempre sera a nossa Amy <3

  • Eleanor

    Great gesture! She probably didn’t want to make a spectacle of this, but there were witnesses who spilled & now the story is out. This however remains a wonderful act of kindness that I hope others will follow. Thank you, Amy, for being an inspiration & role model.

  • John

    As a Vietnam Vet that was nothing but class so thanks Amy that made me even feel good plus your a great actress and I love your movies.

  • Kiss My Ass

    That asshole calls himself a soldier, sounds like fuckin Ru Paul.

  • pat

    Amy Adams, a fine role model & makes great entertainment. I remember the one in which she went to Ireland with her suitcase. No worries, we can throw it in the washer. Thanks for honoring our warriors!!