“Arrival” Might Get a Trailer Released This Month
08 Jul 16

“Arrival” (former known as ‘Story of Your Life’), the film directed by Denis Villeneuve and starred by Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner got a release date a few weeks ago. Paramount set a release date for November 11th.

Yesterday, the website Norman Transcript got a chat with Eric Heisserer, the film screenwriter. They talked about all his projects, including Arrival, which seems to have a trailer being released soon.

Heisserer isn’t about to slow down, as his next film “Arrival” — based on Ted Chiang’s legendary short story “Story of Your Life” — is due to hit theaters in November. Starring Amy Adams (“Man of Steel”) and Jeremy Renner (“The Bourne Legacy”) — and directed by Denis Villeneuve (“Sicario,” “Prisoners”) — “Arrival” is a project Heisserer spent years chasing.

“Arrival” is a science-fiction film, based on the concept of humanity’s first contact with extraterrestrial life forms. Chiang’s source material is deeply rooted in linguistics, which doesn’t often translate well to the screen. Heisserer remains highly confident in the “Arrival” team’s ability to adapt “Story of Your Life” into an impactful film.

“It’s been my dream project,” Heisserer said. “Amy Adams is a revelation, and Denis elevated the story to work on a cinematic level beyond what I could have hoped.”

The official trailer for “Arrival” is set to arrive — pardon the pun — later on this month.


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