Leap Year (2010)

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Amy Adams as: Anna Brady
Directed by: Anand Tucker
Written by: Harry Elfont, Deb Kaplan
Selected Cast: Matthew Goode
Release Date: January 06th, 2010 (New York Premiere)
Genre: Romance, Comedy
MPAA Rating: PG

The film centers on a woman who travels to Dublin to propose to her boyfriend on leap day, Feb. 29, as part of an Irish tradition in which a man receiving a marriage proposal on that day has to say yes.

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Amy’s Role

Adams will play an uptight woman who travels to Dublin to propose to her boyfriend on leap day, Feb. 29, following an Irish tradition in which women propose to men on that day and the man has to say yes. When weather derails her trip, she enlists the help of a surly Irish innkeeper to make an unexpected cross-country trek to pull off the perfect proposal in time.


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Character Quotes
Anna: [as she forces Declan awake] You lying, deceiving, son of a – Get up, get up, get up!
Declan: Wha-what?
Anna: Oh? Heads you win, tails I lose.
Declan: [smirks] Oh, you finally got that did you? Well then, good for you.
Anna: Up, get up! This is my bed. Liars forfeit.
[as she sniffs him] Anna: And take a shower, you smell.
Declan: [shakes head] You can see right through the curtain.
Anna: Can you?… can you?
Declan: [as he runs to the shower] Okay, liars forfeit, liars forfeit! No peeking!
What are you, the Lucky Charms leprecaun?
Declan: Jesus Christ!
Anna: …is Lord.
Declan: Mrs. O’Brady Callhan. Where the hell are you going?
Anna: You said no.
Declan: I didn’t say no. I didn’t say anything.
Anna: You walked away.
Declan: I was getting something.
Anna: Really? That was a good time to go get something?
Declan: Yeah, it was actually.
[Presents Anna with a ring]
Declan: What the hell are you doing here?
Anna: could you maybe be nice for just a second, i just flied 3,000 miles just to get here

Trivia & Facts

• Filmed in Ireland.

• The number listed for Anna’s social security on her apartment application is 987-6543-20


“When will Hollywood learn that real estate is not a career that Americans find sympathetic? First there was Sarah Jessica Parker’s go-go broker in Did You Hear About the Morgans? Now we get Adams as Anna, a “stager” (she makes for-sale condos look all nice, see) so uptight and brittle one wonders if wardrobe didn’t maybe cinch the ankle straps too tightly on the actress’s $600 designer shoes.

Anna must control everything, a trait that would make audiences want to light her hair on fire—if she were played by anyone other than Amy Adams.

Despite its many flaws, the film does pull off what many other rom-coms can’t: Make us care whether Anna gets the right man. The producers—and anybody who goes to see it—have Adams to thank for that.” – Leslie Gornstein, E! Movie Reviews

“Adams has an ability to make things seem fresh and new; everything seems to be happening to her for the first time, and she has a particularly innocent sincerity that’s convincing. (Who once said if you can fake sincerity, you can fake anything?)” – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

“If the young Ann-Margret had been allowed to wiggle her brain as much as her bod, she might have come off something like Amy Adams. Is there an actress today who can suffuse a single scene with so many infectious mood swings? As Anna, she’s fiery and vulnerable, wistful and exuberant; she lends a rare dignity to the portrayal of a woman who doesn’t know what she wants.” – Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly