Moonlight Serenade (2006)

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Amy Adams as: Chloe
Directed by: Giancarlo Tallarico
Written by: Jonathan Abrahams, Giancarlo Tallarico
Selected Cast: JB Blanc, Scott G. Anderson, Moon Bloodgood
Release Date: Uknown 2006
Genre: Musical / Romance
MPAA Rating: n/a

Information about the film is still limited. If you can provide more info than what is on this page, please contact us.

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Amy’s Role

The film is still presumably in post-production somehow back from 2006 and has never been released. Information about the movie is rather limited, but this was Amy’s first work right after Junebug. She plays a character named Chloe and apparently sings quite a bit.


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Character Quotes

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Trivia & Facts

• Filmed in Los Angeles, California, USA.

• Amy’s first work right after Junebug.


The film has not been released so reviews are not available.