The Chromium Hook (2000)

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Amy Adams as: Jill Royaltuber
Directed by: James Stanger
Written by: James Stanger
Selected Cast: James Cada, Eden Bodnar, Chris Carlson
Release Date: Unknown 2000
Genre: Short / Comedy
MPAA Rating: n/a

Remember those scary stories about “The hook-armed-man” you heard around the campfire when you were in Scouts? This hilarious and detailed “mocudramedy” examines the sordid stories behind the truth of this American urban legend as it unfolds in one small town.

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Amy’s Role

Amy plays one of the leads, Jill Royaltuber, in this short. Jill is on the Nimrod High Debate Team and has never missed an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.


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Character Quotes
“When I think how close that maniac came to getting me…us and doing whatever he was going to do with that big hideous…my blood runs cold.”

Trivia & Facts

• Filmed in Minnesota, USA

• Amy is credited by her full name, Amy Lou Adams.

• The short film is 36 minutes and in black and white.


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