The Last Run (2004)

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Amy Adams as: Alexis
Directed by: Jonathan Segal
Written by: Todd M. Camhe, Jonathan Segal
Selected Cast: Fred Savage, Steven Pasquale, Andrea Bogart
Release Date: May 12, 2005 (Cannes Film Market)
Genre: Comedy / Drama
MPAA Rating: R

Addiction comes in all shapes and sizes.

When a young accountant is devastated after discovering his inspiringly beautiful girlfriend is cheating on him, his best friend, who’s engaged to a girl he doesn’t love, convinces him to go on a “run” and sleep with as many women as he can to get over his heart break.

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Amy’s Role

Amy has a small and limited part as Alexis, who is engaged to Jack Manning, a man who doesn’t really love her. They are trying to plan their wedding but he does not really care.


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Character Quotes
“I love you and you know that we could have a wonderful life together… So be careful.”

Trivia & Facts

• Filmed in Los Angeles, California, USA.


“I could not really get to the heart of this – a moral tale? the broken heart? the 20s male? I felt no sympathy for either of the male leads – they are both moral vacuums – and seem unable to establish any meaning in their lives – and perhaps this is the point – the ennui of the sexual male cannot be met or matched so he has as many casual sexual relationships to fill the void – while I got it I found the style of the film highly bizarre and unsatisfactory – it looks, feels, and is shot like a light romantic comedy – but contains a lot of pretty nasty drama type situations. And in the middle a lot of absolutely gratuitous sex. Arguing that we need a film about sex addiciton needs as much as nudity as possible is justified – it just ain’t right – and comes across as an attempt to titillate the viewer – strangely boring – the direction is sloppy.”
– intelearts, User

“The comedic timing of several moments in the movie were impeccable… whether it was the acting, directing, editing, or all of the above, it as overall great. As the movie progresses it becomes very dark and you feel for what the protagonist (antagonist) is going through. Savage makes you empathize for him. Relationships with all characters were organic and developed. The director Segal did an amazing job at showing the human as an onion showing all layers of who we are and at the same time adding an element of humor to lighten the darkness of what lies deep within all of us as humans. Humor in Honesty… Many props to Segal.”
– tenhighguy, User