The Slaughter Rule (2002)

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Amy Adams as: Doreen
Directed by: Alex Smith, Andrew J. Smith
Written by: Alex Smith, Andrew J. Smith
Selected Cast: Ryan Gosling, Clea DuVall, David Morse,
Release Date: January 1, 2002 (Sundance Film Festival)
Genre: Drama / Sport
MPAA Rating: R

In life, every season counts.

Roy gets cut from his high school football team just days after his estranged father dies. For him, football is more than a proving ground; it is a promised escape from his lonely rural existence and salvation from the paralyzing passivity that dominates his life. Enter Gideon, a loner living on the roughneck fringe who is looking for “gamers” – kids who scrap hard – to play on his six-man football squad. Roy joins the Renegades, and he and Gideon enter into tenuous friendship that pushes the limits of male bonding.

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Amy’s Role

Amy plays Doreen. It’s a super tiny role, in fact Amy is really only seen in the background for the most part. She is a cheerleader for the Bison Football team and has relations with a few of the players. You see more of her character on the Region 1 DVD, she has two deleted scenes; one where she flirts with Ryan Gosling’s character and another where she is making out in a car with his friend.


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Character Quotes
“What are you boys doing? It looks kinky.” (Extended scene)
Doreen: “Hey you guys going to the kegger on Friday?”
Roy: “Yeah.”
Doreen: “Yeah. Yeah, good. It’ll be a real hoot and a holler.”
Roy: “I’ll make her holler.” (Extended scene)
“I can’t believe you made me drive way out here. I mean where the hell are we anyway, huh?” (Deleted scene)
“Could you hurry it up, I’ve gotta get over to the real game… hello seat… It goes back.” (Deleted scene)

Trivia & Facts

• Filmed on location in Montana, USA.

• Amy has two deleted scenes on the Region 1 DVD.

• Amy plays a cheerleader.


“For all the violence that erupts, The Slaughter Rule doesn’t have much dramatic momentum. This promising but confused first film is best viewed as a touching portrait of thwarted, volatile male passion in a world where you could almost say that geography is destiny.” – Stephen Holden,
NY Times