A Man of Steel Sequel Might Be in the Works

It’s been long-rumored that a sequel to 2013’s Man Of Steel was in the works at Warner Bros. and it was even more or less announced in an official press release back in 2014. However, three years managed to pass, and fans of the Last Son of Krypton were only treated to a semi-sequel in the form of Zack Snyder’s

American Hustle: New Stills

Some new American Hustle promotional stills and behind-the-scenes pictures has been added to the gallery, as well some replacements for better quality. Movies > American Hustle (2013) > Promotional Stills Movies > American Hustle (2013) > Official Behind-the-Scenes Movies > Man of Steel (2013) > Promotional Stills

Large Gallery Update

Hello friends! I hope you’re having a fantastic holidays season! I have made a large gallery update today, uploading over 900 HQ pictures from several events from 2011-2013. All this pictures were settled on my computer waiting to be uploaded, and some was sent by friends (Claudia, Nicole, Annie, Ali) but with that crazy American Hustle promotion, it needed to

Video Archive Updates

I know we’re right in the middle of ‘American Hustle’ press tour, but I bet you won’t mind about our latest update. I’ve been through the pages to update the links with the new directions on the video archive and noticed some videos (from Man of Steel promotion) hosted elsewhere (mainly youtube) was deleted. Since I had the files on

‘Man of Steel’ Q&A with Amy Adams, Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill

Yahoo had a Q&A with Zach Snyder, Amy Adams and Henry Cavill (which was in London) in order to promote the Blu-Ray release of Man of Steel. Check the full video under the cut. Also screen captures has been added to the gallery: Interviews & TV Appearances > Online Interviews > Interviews from 2013 > 2013 – Yahoo Live Q&A

“Man of Steel” DVD Extras

I have added in our gallery screen captures of ‘Man of Steel’ DVD extras, focusing on action scenes and presenting the supporting characters like Lois Lane, Perry White, Zod, Faora, and the Kents. You also will find the videos I put together with Amy scenes and interviews. Movies > Man of Steel (2013) > DVD/Blu-Ray Screencaptures: Extras – Strong Characters,

‘Man of Steel’ Q&A

To celebrate the release of the Man of Steel DVD, Kevin Smith will be hosting a live QnA event with director Zack Snyder, Henry Cavill and Amy Adams. The Man of Steel Facebook page posted the information with an announcement video by Zack Snyder. Man of Steel Live Fan Event – Message from Zack Snyder Join Director Zack Snyder, Henry

“Man of Steel” Screen Captures

The ‘Man of Steel’ DVD/Blu-Ray will be released next November 12, but we already have Blu-Ray quality screen captures of Amy Adams as Lois Lane thanks to Annie from Check it: Movies > Man of Steel (2013) > DVD/Blu-Ray Screencaptures: Film

The Graham Norton Show (Video)

So, finally, the video of Amy, Russel Crowe and Henry Cavill appearance at The Graham Norton Show on June 14th was uploaded and you can also find screen captures in our gallery: Interviews & TV Appearances > Talk Shows > Appearances in 2013 > The Graham Norton Show – June 14, 2013 (Video) Interviews & TV Appearances > Talk Shows

Cinemax – Max Cut: Man of Steel (Video)

Interviews & TV Appearances > Online Interviews > Interviews from 2013 > 2013 – Cinemax Max Cut: Man of Steel