“Nocturnal Animals” Digital Screen Captures

Nocturnal Animals was released in Digital HD back in February 7, and we finally managed to add high quality screen captures in our gallery. You will be able to acquire the DVD/Blu-ray on this Tuesday (21). Enjoy it! Nocturnal Animals (2016) > Screen Captures: Blu-Ray

The Guardian: “‘I thought, if I can’t figure this out, I can’t work any more’

Earlier this month The Guardian has published a great article with Amy, made right after the Arrival premiere at BFI London Festival. They mentioned the headlines made the day after, about a supposed “wardrobe malfunction”, and the interview started from it. Go to their website for the full piece, but here’s an excerpt: When we meet in a central London

USA Today: Tom Ford’s dark tale ‘Nocturnal Animals’ puts materialism ‘in perspective’

A new article was published this month featuring Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals. It features a nice new portrait with Amy, Tom and Jake Gyllenhaal. Adams shot her designer-clad scenes in Los Angeles, separately from the Texas carnage, with her character decked out in Cartier, Louis Vuitton and Chanel (though zero Tom Ford designs, as the director has taken pains to

(Photos) The Build Series Presents “Nocturnal Animals”

This Friday (18) Amy Adams, Tom Ford, Michael Shannon and Aaron Taylor-Johnson attended The Build Series to talk about Nocturnal Animals. Check pictures in our gallery. Events in 2016 > Nov 18 | The Build Series Presents “Nocturnal Animals”

(Photos) The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences “Nocturnal Animals” Screening

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences also hosted a screening of Nocturnal Animals, followed by a Q&A, this Thursday (17), and pictures are now added in our gallery. Events in 2016 > Nov 17 | The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences “Nocturnal Animals” Screening

(Photos) “Nocturnal Animals” New York Premiere & After Party

Amy Adams rocked the black carpet of the Nocturnal Animals premiere in New York, wearing a classic Tom Ford red dress. She was joined by husband Darren LeGallo and cast members Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Isla Fisher, Ellie Bamber, Laura Linney and Michael Shannon. Check in our gallery pictures of the premiere, and after party. Events in 2016 > Nov 17 |

Amy Adams Attends “Nocturnal Animals” Screening

Last night Amy Adams was among the stars attending a screening of Nocturnal Animals, held in Westwood, California. She was joined by co-stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Isla Fisher, Michael Shannon, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Armie Hammer and director Tom Ford, among others. Later she attended an after party with her castmates. Check pictures in our gallery: Events in 2016 > Nov 11 |

“Nocturnal Animals” Variety Screening Series

Amy Adams, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Ford attended last Thursday a Nocturnal Animals screening held by Variety in Los Angeles and we finally have the HQ images added in our gallery. Events in 2016 > Nov 03 | ‘Nocturnal Animals’ Variety and AARP Movies For Grownups Screening Series’

“Nocturnal Animals” Featurette

Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal discuss the theme of unrequited love in the first featurette for Focus Features’ Nocturnal Animals. Starring Adams and Gyllenhaal alongside Michael Shannon and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, director Tom Ford’s haunting romantic thriller opens in select theaters on November 18th and expands to theaters nationwide December 9th. Nocturnal Animals (2016) > Featurette: Love Story