‘Playback’ Podcast: Live From the Telluride Film Festival With Amy Adams

Variety released today the Playback Podcast episode with Amy Adams, did during Telluride Festival. On the – very good! – interview, Amy spoke about a number of the filmmakers she’s worked with, from Steven Spielberg to Mike Nichols. And, of course, David O’Russell and her will of working with him again. I’m kind of a never say never kind of

Amy Adams on her career, life, motherhood, and Oscar

The Telegraph published yesterday an amazing interview with Amy Adams, in which they talked about pretty much everything. Her life before being famous, her earlier career, working with DiCaprio and Tom Hanks, about Aviana and being a working mom, about having post-natal depression (which came out as a huge surprise to me), about the pressure and the feelings on her

How ‘Big Eyes’ Star Amy Adams Became the Darling of the HFPA

Amy Adams is one of that talented actresses and everybody knows it. She’s also the most award nominated actresses of her generation. The Hollywood Reporter published this article this week, talking about Big Eyes and how Amy is the full package. Check it: With the possible exception of Meryl Streep, it is hard to think of an actress who has

73 Questions to Amy Adams

Vogue followed Amy to her Vogue covershoot and asked her 73 questions about her life and work. Check it: Online Interviews > Interviews from 2014 > December | Vogue 73 Questions Video Archive > Reports & Interviews > Vogue: 73 Questions

‘Inside the Actors Studio’ Announcing Amy Adams Interview

Oscar-nominated actors Matthew McConaughey and Amy Adams are heading to Inside the Actors Studio in the middle of Academy Award voting. Bravo announced Thursday that it has set two back-to-back James Lipton sit-downs with the two stars in mid-February. Lipton’s interview with Adams, who won the Golden Globe for her American Hustle role and is Oscar-nominated for best actress, will

‘There are people I’d love to eviscerate’

Amy Adams talks to Hermione Hoby about her transformation from Disney princess to the smouldering, scheming star of American Hustle Amy Adams has sparkly blue eyes, a cute, upturned nose and a reputation as one of the most polite actresses in Hollywood. Many of her more memorable performances, in films such as Junebug, Julie & Julia and Enchanted, have been

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Pictures

Interviews & TV Appearances > Talk Shows > Appearances in 2013 > “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” – December 09, 2013 (Stills)

Article: A Princess Finds Her Dark Side

Amy Adams Plays a Grifter in ‘American Hustle’ By Robert Ito to NY Times In “American Hustle,” the latest film by the director David O. Russell, Rosalyn Rosenfeld (Jennifer Lawrence) plants a lipstick-smearing kiss on Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams), a grifter who is having an affair with a fellow con artist (Christian Bale), who just happens to be Rosalyn’s husband.

Seven Things You Need to Know About ‘American Hustle’

After the last night screening, Vulture put this article together, which is a must-read: I’ll be honest with you, dear reader: There were times during the making of American Hustle that I wondered if it was all just an elaborate front for a Sony-sponsored slumber party thrown by director David O. Russell, a fun-filled night of dress-up in which Russell

‘American Hustle’ Wows At First Industry Screening

Sony held the first major screening of David O. Russell‘s American Hustle last night at the Cary Grant Theatre on the Culver City lot. The packed crowd was largely made up of SAG and a few Academy members, plus select press. If rivals were hoping it would be a bust, or at the very least a disappointment, I hate to