The forums are back!

I got a few emails asking about the forum listed in our menu. It belongs to Mycah, the former Amy Adams Fan owner, and we still have a partnership with it. The forum was closed due a major spam cleanup, and she kindly email me today to announce the forum is back open and running. So if you want to

New Gallery Theme

I have put up a new gallery theme featuring Amy’s 2005 V Life photoshoot. But if you prefer the previous look you do have the option to go back to it at the bottom of the gallery, in a drop down menu. I hope you like the new look! And don’t forget the Critic’s Choice Awards tonight. Amy is nominated

New Forum Theme

The Enchanting Amy Adams Forum has a fun new Valentine’s Day inspired theme featuring Amy’s 2008 Interview outtakes. If you are not a member there, you really should hop on over and join! Us Meerkats promise not to bite! 😉 We’re the one and only Amy community and have 81,060 postings and 172 rockin’ members. We’ve also newly introduced Board

Forum Announcements

This week we were hit with a massive spam attack on our forum, Enchanting. Due to these recent events we have placed the forum on a two-week lock. Meaning no new members will be allowed to register. But if you are a member then you may still post. We understand this may be an inconvenience to some but there was