Darren Le Gallo

Amy Adams and Darren Le Gallo, an artist and an actor by profession, met in 2001 in an acting class. Darren has appeared on a couple of episodes of Six Feet Under and co-starred with Amy in the short film Pennies as Cowboy Jim. Darren’s recent acting gigs include The Big Bang Theory (2007) and the upcoming The Disposables (2008). However, Darren is mainly focused on making Surrealist inspired art, including painting, drawings and video art.

Amy and Darren, who have been together for seven years now, maintain a low-key life together and have managed to keep their privacy despite Amy’s rising star. In July of 2008 it was reported that Darren and Amy were engaged to be married. Le Gallo proposed to Adams with a diamond by French jewelry designer Jean Dousset of Beverly Hills in a carriage in New York City. Amy told David Letterman that she spoiled his original plans of a proposing on the Empire State Building because she wanted to attend a play. Later Darren improvised and asked Amy to go on the carriage together, but Amy was in a grouchy mood because of work and joked she wanted to re-do the evening because she choose the shortest ride available and was going over her lines while he was saying all these nice things. “I don’t remember anything he said,” Amy said as she explained she goes into a state of shock whenever she hears good news, “But I did say yes.”

They’re renting a house in Los Angeles and subletting an apartment in the West Village in New York. For fun, they host dinner parties or go out to eat in their neighborhood.

“It’s really important to have someone to remind you who you are,” says Amy. “I’ll run all over but come back to him, and I know who I am.” She continues: “My boyfriend definitely altered my path. He’s the most generous person I know.”