Amy visits “Harry”

Amy sits down for an appearance on Harry Connick Jr.‘s new daytime talk show Harry, airing on Friday (September 16). Here are some clips, and in one she talked about her daughter Aviana. Check the previews and don’t forget to catch up on the show on TV today.

Watch it: “Nocturnal Animals” First Trailer is Released!

And the first full trailer of the very antecipated movie “Nocturnal Animals” was released!

Amy Adams stars as a Los Angeles artist in the middle of a creative crisis. She receives a manuscript from her ex-husband (Jake Gyllenhaal) despite not having spoken to him in nearly 19 years. The story he has written details a bloody crime committed by a band out outlaws against a family of three, and it’s a story Adams’ character quickly believes is an act revenge. As the two stories unfold, Ford spins a wicked tale of past and present choices. Michael Shannon and Aaron Taylor-Johnson also star.

Focus Features opens “Nocturnal Animals” in select theaters on November 18 and nationwide December 6.

For Amy Adams, “Arrival” Is a Real Departure

Hollywood Outbreak – The sci-fi film Arrival starring Oscar nominated actors Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner is getting early award buzz. The story centers on team, lead by a linguist (Adams) and mathematician (Renner) who investigate a spacecraft that may signal the possible end of humanity. Forest Whitaker co-stars as the US Army Colonel who accompanies them on their mission.

Adams is no stranger taking on many diverse roles throughout her career she takes on her roles with passion. She explains it’s not every day you see a character such as the one she is playing in Arrival that is so well written. Once she arrived on set and worked with director Denis Villeneuve (Sicario), the experience of bringing the character alive got even better.

(Videos) TIFF Interviews on “Arrival” and “Nocturnal Animals” Masterpost

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Amy Adams on Taking Directorial Cues from Designer-Director Tom Ford: “He Is a Graceful Man”

InStyle had a chance to sit down with the film’s star, Oscar-nominated actress Amy Adams, and pick her brain on what it’s like to work with the fashion legend.

According to Adams, Ford’s natural “poise” helped her connect with her character in the film, Susan. “I’m a bit more of sort of an organic creature … I’m not necessarily as poised as this character is,” Adams said,

“Tom is very poised, so I used him a lot. He’d be like, ‘You’ll lay on the couch and read,’ and I’m like, ‘Okay, but you lay on the couch, and how you would read.’”

Adams admits that it wasn’t always easy to immerse herself in the world of Nocturnal Animals. “When I first read the script, I thought wow, this seems impossible, ” Adams said, regarding the film’s shifts between reality and fantasy, past and present. “But in talking to Tom, by the time I got there I was just really ready to take this ride, and I trusted him.”

Ford’s directorial style sometimes left Adams feeling self-conscious—his process involves leaving the camera running for long stretches of time. “You have to not fight against the self-consciousness, but let it play out,” Adams explained, “which I think serves the story.”

Amy Adams Shares Her Secret Red Carpet Weapon

Amy Adams heats up the Toronto International Film Festival red carpet again – and she’s got her secret weapon with her.

The star, wearing a striking scarlet Alexander McQueen gown with a jeweled collar, made yet another major appearance, this time for the Arrivals premiere.

Not visible? Her shoes, but we can guess that they’re a platform heel. “I love a platform,” she told PEOPLE at the festival. “In fashion, out of fashion, I love a platform because I have short legs. If I’m wearing a gown, underneath are the most shockingly-high platform sandals. You learn to walk in them! ”

The five-time Oscar nominee is promoting two films that are already attracting award season buzz.

Arrival tells the story of Dr. Louise Banks (Adams), a linguist recruited by the military to understand the language of alien visitors. Jeremy Renner plays Dr. Ian Connelly, a theoretical physicist who winds up working with Banks.

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