Photoshoot from 2007

I have updated the gallery with a rare and very cute photoshoot set of Amy taken back in 2007. Big thanks to Ally of MEW Online for contributing! :love: GALLERY LINKS: • Photoshoots from 2007: Set #02

Amy Joins Greenburg

I have amazing news to bring. Amy Adams is attached to star the next film of the very promising director Noah Baumbach, called Greenburg, alongside Mark Ruffalo. Although the plot details are kept under wraps, this will undoubtedly be an intriguing role for our Amy. Here’s a reportage from The Hollywood Reporter: Mark Ruffalo and Amy Adams are attached to

Night at the Museum 2 Setting Up Today

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Welcome to Amy Adams Fan!

Welcome to Amy Adams Fan, the newest fansite dedicated to the amazingly talented and stunningly beautiful actress Amy Adams! The idea for this site came to us in January 2008 and we have been working on it since, slowly but surely, and are ecstatic to finally be able to open the doors to fellow fans today. We are striving to