Amy Adams Set for Gotham Awards Tributes

Amy Adams, Ethan Hawke and Oliver Stone are set to receive the actress, actor and director tributes at this year’s Gotham Independent Film Awards. The annual awards show — recognizing independent films and their writers, directors, producers and actors — will also present an industry tribute, with that honoree yet to be named.

Amy — who stars in two Oscar hopefuls, Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals and Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival — will receive the actress tribute. Stone will receive the director tribute and Hawke will receive the actor tribute.

“We are honored to have Amy Adams, Ethan Hawke and Oliver Stone as our actress, actor and director tribute honorees at this year’s Gotham Awards,” Joana Vicente, executive director of the Independent Filmmakers Project, which presents the Gotham Awards, and the Made in NY Media Center, said in a statement. “Each with a remarkable body of work that continues to challenge, thrill, and inspire audiences, we are proud to celebrate their numerous artistic achievements and honor their contributions to the landscape of cinema with these tributes.”

The independent film awards, seen as the official start of Oscar season, will be handed out on Nov. 28. Nominations will be announced on Oct. 20.

New “Arrival” Promotional Images

Our gallery was updated with new images of Amy as Louise Banks on Venice acclaimed film Arrival.

(Photos) “Arrival” Screened at Telluride 2016

Amy attended the Telluride festival on Saturday (September 03), for a screening of Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival. She also got a tribute to her work, made during a Q&A that preceded the screening. You can check HQ images in our gallery, and also read a little bit about the event on the article published by The Guardian, reproduced below.

Amy Adams leads Denis Villeneuve’s brainy sci-fi drama Arrival, which had its North American premiere at the Telluride film festival on Saturday, but she often prefers being a supporting player.

During a tribute to the actor that preceded the well-received screening, Adams took part in a discussion which focused on her ability to invest the smallest roles with considerable interior life. Adams has been nominated for the best supporting actress Oscar four times (for Junebug, Doubt, The Fighter and The Master) – most recently she also netted her first leading Oscar nod for American Hustle.

In my experience, the lead role has the burden of plot,” said Adams. “A lot of the times, as a supporting character, you get to play an amazing character. I’m not looking at the size of a role, I’m looking at the chance to grow.

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Amy at Telluride 2016

Amy is back to USA, to attend the Telluride festival in Colorado. The festival will run until September 5th and Arrival is on its lineup and Amy will also receive a special tribute.

Check in our gallery the first pictures of the event.

Nocturnal Animals: “Intoxicating, provocative, delicious”

In 2009, fashion designer Tom Ford premiered his directorial feature debut, A Single Man, at the Venice Film Festival. Critics praised the film for its “potent emotional power,” Colin Firth’s performance, and “wrenching and ravishing” story. Seven years later, Ford returned to the festival this week to screen his second film, Nocturnal Animals with Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams. Based on early reactions, it looks like the first effort wasn’t beginner’s luck.

Adapted by Ford from Austin Wright’s novel Tony and Susan, the film tells of a Los Angeles art dealer (Adams) living an unfulfilled life. When her husband (Armie Hammer) leaves on a business trip, she receives a novel written by her ex-husband (Gyllenhaal) that reads as a violent revenge tale, perhaps even a veiled threat. The film then juggles Susan’s story with the book’s haunting content.

Isla Fisher, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Michael Shannon, and Laura Linney also feature among the cast.

Much as Firth was praised for A Single Man, Adams’ performance was a highlight of the reviews coming out of the festival, as well as Ford’s “intoxicating” and “noir” visuals. However, Nocturnal Animals garnered some criticism over its ending, which some claimed to be perplexing within the context of Ford’s vision.

Read more of what critics had to say about Nocturnal Animals below.

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Early Reviews say ‘Arrival’ is “Dreamy, Freaky, and Audacious”

Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival arrived at day two of the Venice Film Festival to (mostly) staggeringly positive reviews. The film, which won’t be released widely in theaters until November 11, sits at a fantastic 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes so far — and critics are using words like “dreamy, freaky, audacious,” and phrases like “big, somber, and grand” to describe it. In plain language, it looks pretty damn great.

Arrival it’s set for a wide release on Nov. 11, which The Hollywood Reporter notes is “significant in its distance from the summer popcorn field, instead going in among the end-of-year prestige pictures.” THR also calls it “a grownup sci-fi drama that sustains fear and tension while striking affecting chords on love and loss.”

Everyone else seems to agree.

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