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Luciana   June 20th, 2013  

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Luciana   June 19th, 2013  

As we previously announced, Amy is cover of Allure on their July issue. We had the photoshoot video uploaded already (with its screen captures)and now you can find scans up in the gallery.

Oh this issue, she talks a little about Hollywood’s diet and beauty obsession.

Perfect isn’t normal, nor is it interesting. Some of these actresses or public personas who are very public about their disciplined diets, more power to them. I just don’t see the point. I’m just not going to be one of those people photographed in a bikini where people are like, “OMG, look at Amy!” I mean, it might be OMG, but not for the reasons I want.

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Luciana   June 18th, 2013  

I have finally added pictures of Amy on the latest ‘Man of Steel’ promotional trip. She attended a premiere in Jersey (UK) and later she was at Taomina Festival, with Henry Cavill and Russell Crowe. Check pictures below:

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Luciana   June 12th, 2013  

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Luciana   June 12th, 2013  


Amy attended the Man of Steel premiere in London, and here you see the first look. More pictures to come!

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Luciana   June 11th, 2013  

After last night screening the internet went crazy with tons of ‘Man of Steel’ reviews and I was trying to resume them without spoilering myself (as I told by Twitter, the movie release in Brazil will be next month only). Thanks to Tumblr user nikkysounbit we have a compilation with Lois Lane related reviews, as you can see below (the full reviews linked may contain spoilers).

“…Clark’s discovery of his destiny collides him with conspiracy-minded reporter Lois Lane. Amy Adams is unlike any Lois we’ve seen: piercing, cerebral, genuinely brave instead of that most clapped-out of adjectives, “feisty” (“I get writer’s block if I’m not wearing a flak jacket,” she declares, clearly more Kate Adie than Nancy Drew). She’s a strong, clever piece of casting in a film stacked with quality turns. – SFX

Bright, brave, beautiful, Amy Adams is everything you want Lois Lane to be – except funny.[…]For a good while the Lois/Clark relationship is cat/mouse, but without generating much sizzle. Although one late development (harking back to Richards Donner and Lester) teases that things will be friskier next time out. TOTAL FILM

Adams is very good as Lois, and I believe (for reasons I cannot divulge without spoiling the movie) that this is the smartest, strongest and best iteration of the character ever. She still falls into damsel in distress situations, but they’re not the sort we’ve seen in previous films, where her intrepid investigating gets her in over her head. Rather they come from her insistence on being present and helpful and acting as more than just a note-taking spectator. She isn’t simply documenting the legend of Superman here, she’s taking part in it. – BADASSDIGEST

Amy Adams is the right kind of snappy for Lois Lane, a go-getter who finds a kindred spirit in Clark. – FILM.COM

The appealing Adams, again with the script’s support, may be the first actress who plays Lois Lane not as a 1930’s-style “girl reporter” but instead as an actual journalist who happens to be a woman. – THE WRAP

“…It’s still the same white hat/black hat dynamic, as is the nascent romance between Kal-El and Lois Lane. She’s still a determined reporter, but hardly a damsel waiting to get rescued. She’s able to defend herself and ends up being something of a go-between for Kal-El and the American military. Yeah, sure, she gets saved from falling to her death on more than one occasion, but it is hardly like it was before.

“Lane as intermediary” is needed because this is a post-9/11 Superman. It’s made plain that our culture is one far more driven by fear than when Richard Donner made his bigscreen version in 1978. – SCREENCRUSH

Case in point: Lois Lane, played by Amy Adams, defies many of the character’s most familiar traits. She does not look down on Clark Kent, she does not make goo-goo eyes at Superman, and she figures out almost immediately who the hero really is. The classic, troublesome cliché – that Lois Lane is a talented reporter who knows Superman and Clark Kent personally, and yet somehow cannot make the connection between them – vanishes in Man of Steel, and not just because it’s a clever bit of metatextual irony. It’s important that Lois Lane knows who Superman is, and that she knows right away. It establishes her intelligence, but first and foremost puts her in a position to embody all of humanity to an alien hero. She’s the first person outside of the Kent family to learn Superman’s secret, and because she can be both inquisitive “and” trustworthy, the rest of the population of Superman’s adoptive home surely can too. She’s not just a love interest, and in fact she hardly ever needs rescuing: she can handle herself, and she yet appreciates Superman’s help. Just like the rest of mankind. CRAVEONLINE

Amy Adams is solid as Lois Lane. But this isn’t the Lois and Clark story, this is a story about Clark finding his place in the world, so for those expecting a lot of heath between this famous comic book couple you might be slightly disappointed, however by the end of Man of Steel you’ll see how their relationship can definitely be taken further in many more interesting directions in future films” – IGN

“Amy Adams reinvents the role of Lois Lane making her smart, giving her depth, and a reason for Superman to fall in love with the character.” – TOTAL FILM

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