First ‘Man of Steel’ TV Spot

Whilst we’re waiting for the second theatrical trailer for Man of Steel, Warner Bros has released the first TV spot for the anticipated super-hero film. It’s much like a shorter version of the first trailer we saw. Still, it’s always nice to get some more hype for the movie. Also, in an interview with Collider promoting 42, Legendary Pictures CEO Thomas Tull said “It’s the Superman movie I’ve always wanted to see. I think the job that Zack Snyder did along with Christopher Nolan – I think that people are going to be very, very excited about the results. The acting, on top of all the incredible action – Kevin Costner playing Jonathan Kent, Russell Crowe, Diane Lane, just the cast, and I think the job Henry Cavill did, people are going to really be excited about it. It was a privilege to be a part of and Warner Brothers does a phenomenal job of bringing these things to life, Batman and Superman, and it really is a privilege for us to be a part of.”

Amy Adams joins Tim Burton’s ‘Big Eyes’

Amy keeps reeling in some of the most interesting projects! According to Deadline, Tim Burton will direct Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams in Big Eyes, the film that Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski scripted. At the same time, The Weinstein Company is closing a deal to fund and distribute. This is a major development on a project that has followed a long development track. The film will be produced by Alexander and Karaszewski and Burton, with Electric City Entertainment’s Lynette Howell. This will be Burton’s next film, and production will begin this summer.

Amy Adams and Christian Bale On Set

Amy was spot today on set with co-star Christian Bale for their new David O’Russell Untitled Project. Check pictures in our gallery:

New Pictures of Amy in Boston

Amy was spot on set yesterday for her new upcoming Untitled David O. Russell/Abscam Project, and I have added pictures in our gallery:

Cinema Magazine has new ‘Man of Steel’ promotional photos

The new issue of Cinema magazine (via The ComicBookMovie) includes this new photo featuring the primary cast members (out of the character) of director Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. The magazine also has a profile of the actors with a beautiful new picture of Amy, promotional for the movie as well. You can buy your own copy of the magazine here.

Total Film Bring Us Lois Lane Pictures!

The current issue of Total Film has a Man of Steel special which include a fresh look at Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Henry Cavill as Superman himself. You can see the full article and pictures in our gallery, courtesy of

Check below the interview Amy did to the magazine:

How would you pitch Superman and Lois’ relationship in this film?
I would say that they’re at odds and then they’re… friends, you know?

How was your first meeting with Zach Snyder?
I could tell he was going to be very collaborative and really focused – not only on the visuals but on the character’s journey. I wanted to play Lois so badly, so I tried not to look too eager!

What did you most want to convey with your version of Lois?
I wanted her to be a woman other women could relate to. And not be sort of a pest. Lois can be kind of omnipresent, turning up at very inconvenient times – which she does! – but you understand her reasons.

You’ve been in the running before…
When J.J.Abrams and Brett Ratner were planning a version, I actually did a screen test with Matt Bomer. And then when Superman Returns came round I read again. So this was my third go to it.

You did to get play a baddie in TV’s Smallville though…
I played a girl who was quite heavy then lost weight quickly… I remember speeding a lot of time in prosthetics!

Did you go straight from The Master to Man of Steel?
It was about three days, I think. By the time (The Master) was done, I was kind of in a dark place, but Zach has this amazing infectious energy you get caught up with. he’s all “Come on, let’s get the game going!”, like a football match.

How physically demanding was it?
My God, I got off lucky. Henry has tales to tell! I chose correct in playing a mortal rather than a superhero. I feel on my hip and created quite a bruise, but that was it.

Was there intensive greenscreen work?
The most intense work was always with another actor, but I had scenes where I had to see things that weren’t there. It’s the first time I’ve had to run through invisible doors before they close.

What did you get up to between takes?
On, no good. I’m always up to no good. I took naps, I knitted. Meryl (Streep) taught me how, I don’t know how many finished products I have, but I’ve started plenty.

What superpower would you like to have?
Oh, I’d wanna know what people are thinking. I’m not a fan of flying, which I guess is strange for a film like this…

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