Bubbly blonde Amy Adams is the steely missus of ‘The Master’

Last Saturday, just after the Venice Film Festival crowned “The Master” with two major awards, I shuffled toward the Park Hyatt Toronto suite where Amy Adams leaned against the door frame, singing and laughing with her reps who were seated in the hallway. She looked nothing like the prim, pregnant Peggy Dodd, whom she plays onscreen. In the movie, Peggy

VF In Talks With Amy Adams: On the Road/The Master

Vanity Fair did a round of interviews during Toronto International Film Festival, and here’s the one they did with Amy: Interviews & TV Appearances > Online Interviews > Interviews from 2012 > September 08 – A Conversation With Amy Adams

Amy Adams on ‘The Master’ and Clint Eastwood’s RNC Speech

The buzz on The Master couldn’t not be at a higher pitch. Couched in mystery, the film has earned the raves and gold trophies of those that have seen it, and the curiosity and preemptive protest of those that have yet to see Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest film. A jam-packed premiere in New York City on Tuesday night drew fans,

“Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” Interview

Amy was guest on Jimmy Fallon show last night and they have her interview up. You can check it here:

“The Master” Final Trailer: Ultimate Mentor

The teasing is over, it seems. It’s reported that this is the final trailer for “The Master”, and it seems to reunite all scenes delivered in the past teasers. Check it:

“The View” Interview

Amy was guest at “The View” yesterday to promote “Trouble With The Curve”. Watch the interview below:

More gallery updates

Amy attended today the Calvin Klein show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (and was on front row with the adorable Diane Kruger and Emma Stone!!). You can find 7 HQ pictures of this event, plus all missing pictures from the past 4 days up now in our gallery: Public Events > Events in 2012 > September 13rd – Calvin Klein

TIFF Portrait & More

I have added two new photoshoots Amy did this year, to promote “Into the Woods” and “The Master”. Check it: Studio Photoshoots > Photoshoots from 2012 > Los Angeles Times Studio Photoshoots > Photoshoots from 2012 > “The Master” TIFF Portrait #2

Amy at Good Morning America

I’ve been such a big fail in updating you regarding talk shows, right? Sorry about that! Amy was today at ABC’s Good Morning America, to talk about “Trouble With The Curve” which is about to open (next September 28). You can watch the video below: Don’t forget to watch her today at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, on NBC.

Amy Adams talks about “The Master” and Lois Lane

Collider published an interview done with Amy at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, and she talked about “The Master” and her interpretation of the complex Peggy, working with PTAnderson, Hoffman and Phoenix, and also about Man of Steel. Check it: Question: How did you react when you were first sent the script for The Master? Amy Adams: First off,